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posted by Eddie Johnson (from Flint, North Wales) on Monday, 26 December 2005 (8:45am)

The true King

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Edged in Blue

posted by Keith Miles (from Nuneaton U.K.) on Sunday, 18 December 2005 (0:34am)

Saw you a long while back, at the Nags, Nuneaton. What's happening of late. Rehearsing the dynamic duo, maybe? I sent a couple of e-mails. Tell Red and Paul that, whilst they can play, they are still ugly! See you soon I hope.

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Too many to list but "Just the Smile" rarely gets a mention and deserves recognition. An oldie but a very goodie!

posted by SJ FOY (from ENGLAND) on Thursday, 14 July 2005 (8:07am)


Favourite Rory Song(s):


posted by Paul ex drummer Evans (from Birmingham) on Thursday, 16 June 2005 (9:55am)

Nice new cd excellent. good luck you desire it. Rory's still the man.
YOU'LL do well get the Irish festival next year.ok. bud All the Best.
Your old bud p.x

Favourite Rory Song(s):


posted by Steve Black (from Dudley) on Sunday, 05 June 2005 (9:03am)

Just heard the new CD. Pete its excellent. Hope I can now get you a few gigs and spread the word.

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Messin with the kid
laundromat etc

posted by Barry (from Glossop) on Monday, 22 November 2004 (10:37am)

Awesome tone Pete - spot on!

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Changes every day!

posted by Angus (from Burton upon Trent) on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (10:18am)

HI Pete! Sorry me and Tom spoiled our 100% attendace record the other week we were at it at the rugger club if you get my drift! hope you are all well, I have actually got a gig this saturday for a laugh, we are doin' 'Bullfrog' (nowhere near as good as you but we try!) See ya soon love to everyone if you need me give me a bell, Angus.

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Last of the independents

posted by 20$Bill (from Weisbaden/Germany) on Saturday, 05 June 2004 (3:48am)

Hello Rory Fans!

The 3rd Rory Gallagher Review will take place on September 11, 2004 in Wiesbaden.

In the town, where Rory appeared 1979 for the third time in the Rockpalast, 2 bands

will present a vigorous tribute concert.

We from present:

For the first time in Germany, the English group SINNERBOY from Manchester and the german group Remember RORY!

This year, too, the net takings will be donated for charity.

The donation will be presented to the Children's Hospital Bärenherz
"The support and relief of families with incurably sick children,
even after their death, this is our concern!"

Here, inpatient and outpatient children are accompanied until death as well as advising

and accompanying the relatives.

for the english-speaking fans, we have the details in english, they only must klick

the banner.

Many happy returns from Wiesbaden.

Yours sincerely,

20$Bill and Sabine

Favourite Rory Song(s):

all songs for me the best!!!!!!

posted by Steve o (from Birmingham) on Tuesday, 01 June 2004 (2:33am)

just been e:mailed by Barry from Sinnerboy,sorry i didn't know you guys were around.He said you were local lads.Listened to {demo],superb.Try to get some more gigs in Brum.Good luck

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Walk on hot coals,Laundramat,Sinnerboy,All around man,Cradle rock,the list is endless.

posted by George (from Glasgow, Scotland UK) on Sunday, 18 May 2003 (6:34am)

I was on a sort of 'Rory-Surf' today, just looking here and there and then I found you guys and listened to the demos on your pages. I played the Laundromat track first and was blown away! Is that really you Pete?! Jeez man, I thought for al the world that it was Rory! I'll be making a point of bringing 'ma boys' to one of your gigs real soon! That is some impression!
Just keep it up, you're doing a great job there!

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Kinda partial to 'Million Miles Away'!

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