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posted by alan starling (from ilkeston derbyshire) on Monday, 31 May 2010 (9:41am)

Hello Pete
My son Rob has just turned 16 and has recently discovered my old Rory gallagher LP's and cd's, they have blown him away. I told him about
a gig you and the band played at a small pub called the Anchor, in Ilkeston Derbyshire many years ago. what a fantastic time we all had that night I think you threw away your set list and just played requests all night we all had a great big sing song. Don't know if you can remember it. I will never forget it. I wondered if you and the band are still playing together I would love to bring my lad to come and see you and the band play again and let him relive that special Rory experience.

Favourite Rory Song(s):

follow me

posted by Robbo (from Nuneaton) on Wednesday, 28 May 2008 (2:46am)

seen you guys twice now and really fantastic. Have seen a few Rory tribute groups and you are the best

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Million Miles Away

posted by NOEL HARTE (from COVENTRY) on Monday, 20 August 2007 (2:14am)

Thought the show on Sunday in Nuneaton was brilliant. Excellent musicians and your lead guitar work is outstanding. Would come and see you again and buy any CD YOU might have for sale. Saw Rory on many occasions and visited his grave a few years ago. He would be pleased that you are carrying on where he left off.

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Shadow play.

posted by Iain Howarth (from Alvechurch) on Tuesday, 08 May 2007 (2:53am)

A fantastic player and keeper of the flame - Pete you are the man!

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Landromat, The Last Time, Used to be, There's a light, Crest of a wave, Can't beleive it's true, Should've learnt my lesson, Going to my home town, Bullfrog Blues, Messing with the kid, Daughter of the Everglades

posted by Clive Percival (from Telford) on Friday, 05 January 2007 (1:20am)

Just saw you at the Robin ( Bilston) Jan 4th. Excellent sound!. You were on with a Cream/Hendrix copy band. Their guitarist was a complete showoff who thought he could play better than he actually could, and also dressed as a showoff. ( He looked a complete ********). So compared to Shadowplay the contrast was vivid. Unlike this show off, you just got up there and played and needed no theatrics or fancy dress to produce a quality sound. This I guess was the basis of Rory anyway! so , spot on performance!

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Laundromat, Used to be.

posted by Rob Sheen (from Birmingham) on Saturday, 16 December 2006 (9:57am)

I used to play drums in a band in the early 70's that did a lot of Rory's music.

Sugar Mamma used to take us at least 20 minutes.

We did the Cavern in Liverpool 3 times. They used to make us play 3 sets of 20 minutes.

Set 1 a mixture of Rory and Humble Pie.

Set 2 Catfish.

Set 3 Sugar Mamma

Encore Bullfrog Blues, Stay with Me (Faces). Gypsy Eyes (Hendrix) and if we wre allowed any more a real rocker to close the evening.

Our Bass player is currently the keyboard player with the Moody Blues.

We used to go down a storm. We were called Fingers but all the ads used to say Fingers (A Rory band).

We did a lot of improvising.

We were very popular on the circuit.

We did one gig and the audience were expecting a Soul band, they all went to the bar, so we just played. When we listened to the recording later we were amazed by some of the improvisations,

We had the AC 30, Stratocaster (1960's model) with Ernie Ball strings (Rory used them at one stage) and Mandolin.

Like you we did not go for check shirts.

Met him 3 or 4 times at the Town Hall in the bar. He used to always buy new check shirts and Jeans from the Rag Market, whenever he visited Birmingham.

A shy bloke who would shake your hand but not much more.

We were invited to support Rory at the Belfry. However, we were converting our PA speakers into 2 x 12" Cabs and could not organise a PA so we had to decline.

The band split shortly after that and I returned to work at my Father's factory which I now own.

I plan to attend your gig at the Robin 2 in January. I will try to get backstage to meet you.

Thanks for reviving the memories of 35 years ago.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year.


Rob Sheen

Favourite Rory Song(s):

Sugar Mamma. All of them!

posted by Dave Seward (from Bristol) on Sunday, 10 December 2006 (5:25am)

I found you by chance as the other guitarist in my band Alien Stash Tin said one of my songs sounded a bit like the track 'Shadow play'-I think he means the chorus. I dont normally listen to covers or tribute bands but I have to say I'm well impressed, and rarely hearing Rory's stuff was a reminder of how great he was.If you ever get down this way w'ed be happy to play support if ok with you.Keep up the good work!

Favourite Rory Song(s):

posted by john shaw (from halesowen) on Thursday, 28 September 2006 (7:59am)

looking forward to seeing band again at ye olde queens head halesowen it was a great gig last time

Favourite Rory Song(s):

shadowplay tatood lady follow me bad penny million miles away hometown shin kicker out on the western plain daughter of the everglades when i fall apart

posted by josh white on Monday, 28 August 2006 (6:33am)

hi lads just had a rory weekend on dvd cd, thought about your band love to see you gig again.remember anchor inn ilkeston last year,the pub rocked. why not try and book mfi eastwood notts. this is a bikers pub, they only have cover band gigs.your band will go down very well, my band of friends will support you only to well."can't wait to see gig again back in my home town" thanks josh. "rory for ever"

Favourite Rory Song(s):

where do i begin

posted by Leo Blottib on Sunday, 12 February 2006 (4:42am)

I want to play at the Ballyshannon workshop, hope that is OK

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