Pete Gates - Guitars, Mandolin and Vocals

'Red' Reading - Bass

John Chester - Drums

Boz Perryman - Harmonicas

Shadow Play Rory is a genuine tribute band playing the music of the late, great Irish bluesman Rory Gallagher. The aim is to try to recapture the atmosphere and sound of Rory's great live gigs.

Pete Gates has been performing Rory material in various blues bands around the Midlands for many years so it was a natural progression to create a Rory tribute band. Pete explains: 'We have tried to recreate the mood and excitement of Rory's performances just the way it was, as much as possible, by getting the right sound using identical equipment and playing to original set lists'.

As you can see, the main focus of the band is to try and sound like Rory - not look alike. There is not a checked shirt in sight and wigs aren't an option!

Since early 2005 we have a new band member (Boz 'The Professor' Perryman) which means we can also include some of the material performed by Rory's line up with Mark Feltham on harmonica - songs like Don't Start Me Talkin, Aint No Saint and The Loop to name a few.